"Our New Adorable Puppies"

HELP! We need a home F@@@ssst.........

Cost of puppy plus Buyer to reimburse Sugar Babies for the spay/neuter of your new pet.

Previews Of Coming Attractions:


This tiny boy is Handsome. This tiny boy will probably be 2 1/2 - 3 lbs as an adult.
He was born on 6/14/2014. Handsome is $1250.




MAY 14, 2014 LITTER 2M & 1F ....MALES, TIMMY & TOMMY ARE $650 EA.
The FEMALE, TOOTSIE IS $850. THEY HAVE THE MOST beautiful silk coats ever!!
Cutest personalities.

Ruff & Reddy are expected to be on the small side around 4 lbs as adults. Ruff is $750.. Reddy is spoken for.


This is a tiny lil' guy named Rex T. He was born on March 16, 2014.
He is $1250.00.


Adam was born on November 10, 2013.
Adam is $ 450. Very thick, beautiful, silky coat. Buyer to reimburse Seller
for neuter surgery and expenses.

Ditto is an example of my Tinies. This baby girl ia a Lil' Prissy.
Here she is at 10 1/2 wo.

Please inquire about any Retirees I may have available at this time or in the near future.
There is a fee. And They must be spayed/neutered.

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