"Our New Adorable Puppies"

HELP! We need a home F@@@ssst.........

Cost of puppy plus Buyer to reimburse Sugar Babies for the spay/neuter of your new pet.

Previews Of Coming Attractions:

These Beauty babies born on May 13, 2015 named Ken & Barbie. Top CHampion lines. Thick coats.
Barbie is $1850. & Ken is $1450. Will be ready for their forever homes real soon...

Lil Misstic is a TRUE TINY. This litters date of birth was January 15, 2015. She now weighs only 2 lb.
and 5 ounces @ 6 months. VERY rare for this size! She is a lil' firecracker. Sooo Smart and Sooo much fun with
such a dynamite personality. She has to keep her bigger brothers in line you know. She babysits the new babies too.
She does get paid. This litter has the most beautiful, pure white, softest silk coats you have ever touched. Her brother,
Merlin is the biggest of the litter. They have top CHampion lineage. Misstic is $2450. Her brother, Merlin is $ 1475..

This Tiny lil girl named Misstic, aka Missy is only 13.5 OUNCES (today, FEB. 27.) .
Misstic now weighs 1.14 lbs @ 4 months of age. She is $2450.

This Lil boy named Merlin weighs 1 lb 3 ounces at 6 weeks of age .............
Merlin now weighs 3.8lbs @ 4 months of age. He is $ 1650.



This beautiful boy is 3 yo. His date of birth is January 12, 2012. He is 6.2 lbs.. He has a Great personality,
beautiful coat. Gives you kissies. You can have him as a pet for $1250. neutered. (Seller to be reimbursed for
the surgery plus $75.00 before he leaves). OR you can buy him with full breeding rights, including full AKC
registration for $2950. He has TOP CHAMPION lines. Gorgeous Boy!! You couldn't ask for a better Maltese pet or stud.

Ditto is an example of my Tinies. This baby girl is a Lil' Prissy.
Here she is at 10 1/2 wo.

Please inquire about any Retirees I may have available at this time or in the near future.
They must be spayed/neutered.
I have 3 females AVAILABLE
We now have a TINY Retired MALE available. I have 4 lb. Maximillion. His date of birth is January 28, 2006.
For an older person that needs a pure snuggle bug. He is sooo cute.

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